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Do we need a wedding video?

(In addition to photography)

It’s fair to say that no bride or groom that have put a significant amount of effort into their wedding day, would consider this day without a wedding photographer.

Since most people now carry cellphones, it is plausible for guests to take part in recording this special day, both through video snippets and photos. The quality of most mobile phones today makes this a viable option. However, this should be in addition to a professional videographer and photographer. These snippets from guests could be included in the final edit by the videographer.

A video puts you back into the day, to relive the moments and atmosphere that photos cannot capture. Most brides-to-be do not realize that a wedding video is the only way to truly relive the sights and sounds of that very special day. Well, of course your typical wedding videography salesperson will always try to sell you a video, but they may not sell you the right video package.

Choosing the right wedding video package can be a very tough thing to choose considering many companies fill there packages with complex terms and loose ends to charge you later. Reputable companies will have completely transparent package listings that leave very little room for questions and this is what we strive for. Some things to look or ask for are:

  • What is our hourly rate?
  • Are there travel fees?
  • What is the exact edited length of my highlight video?
  • What happens if we go over the contracted editing time?
  • How many copies will I be receiving?
  • Is there a back-up camera recording during the ceremony?
  • How long after the wedding do I have to wait after the wedding to get my copies?

Unfortunately, like everything else when shopping for wedding vendors customers need to be careful they are choosing a reputable company that cares about serving them. Brides-to-be should recognize that the wedding is only one day and the wedding videographer she chooses must start to work for her on the day the contract is signed and not to stop working until the video is completed to their satisfaction.